Staff - Our SIA London Security Guards

All our staff are all fully licensed, highly trained professional security operatives. We carefully screen every recruit before we begin, making sure that each has the qualities and skills necessary to serve our customers well. All successful applicants receive support, training and a real opportunity for career development.

At a minimum, each of our staff are fluent English speakers, skilled and efficient communicators, and capable of identifying and monitoring potentially unwanted individuals and situations seamlessly and without fuss. Each member is screened as per BS 7858:2012. They arrive early, are attentive and helpful, and remain focused on providing a consistently professional level of service.

We build teams that are sufficiently large and cross-trained to allow staff to take time off, which eliminates much of the tiredness, complacency and sloppy performance that is all too common amongst our competitors.
The fact that all of our staff are trained to work across a wide range of different services allows them to continually develop and improve their skills, and to remain focused on improving those skills they have a passion for. This variety and progression of skills and training produces happier, more competent and better motivated individuals, who in turn provide better service to our clients.

London concierge and security services by Close Circuit