Concierge & Reception Security

Close Circuit Security provide welcoming, well-spoken and professional concierge security who are capable of managing a reception area, or performing other client- or public-facing tasks. We provide security staff to corporations, countries and similar organisations that require the highest level of customer service coupled with a discreet professional security presence.

The hallmarks of first-class concierge security include:

•    Full-Site Access Control
•    Compliance Checks, Including all Applicable Licensing Regulations
•    Conflict Defusing and Management Skills
•    Calm, Professional and Non-Threatening Demeanour

Our security operatives are all customer focused individuals trained to welcome everyone entering your site or venue whilst also ensuring that unauthorized or unwanted individuals are prevented from entering private areas or disturbing the harmony of your site.

Whether a whole building, serviced office or multi-occupancy residential building our security personnel have excellent interpersonal and communication skills allowing them to effectively manage the most demanding reception areas ensuring that all staff, customers and visitors feel safe and welcome.

All our operatives are specifically trained and inducted for each client so that they know all precedures and requirements relevent to their role there.

Acting as the point of contact for everyone entering a site is a vital role both from a security and customer service perspective, we select and train our staff to be keenly aware of both these roles so that every person who enters each reception area our staff manage gets an excellent first impression of your business and the integrity of the site is secure.

We offer free trials to all new clients as we know the service our security staff provide always at least meets expectations. Contact us for a free consultantion and quote.