Our London SIA Security Services

Close Circuit has worked hard to earn the trust of a number of very demanding clients in and around London, especially in terms of our concierge services, retail security, and event security services. Our clients know that we consistently provide the highest levels of service excellence, and deserve our reputation as one of the finest security companies in London. Whilst we pride ourselves on developing a bespoke service package for each client individually, we can divide our core services into the following groups:

•    Concierge Service London
•    Event Security Services London
•    Residential Security
•    Retail Security London
•    Club and Night Venue Security
•    Construction Site Security Services London

How we provide our services
Our services and teams are always organised first and foremost to suit your needs. When we first take you on as a client we will tailor a team to your specific requirements, and ensure that all members of that team and all reserve personnel have been approved by you, ensuring that you will always have the same consistently high level of service. In consultation with you, we will produce a Manual of Operating Procedures which will ensure that your security or concierge personnel are familiar with every aspect of your business, your clientele, and what you expect of them. It will cover every reasonable eventuality, and contain every procedure which they must follow.

London Security

We are ISO 9001 accredited as an organisation, and each of our operatives and hire security personnel is thoroughly vetted, licensed with the SIA and screened as per BS 7858:2012 code of practice. Just as important, they are trained to handle any disputes or interventions calmly and professionally. After all, your security staff are often your organisation’s first point of contact with the public and will be responsible for the type of the first impression you make with them.

Bar & Night Venues

Close Circuit has an unblemished reputation with every night venue we have provided with nightclub security guards and other operatives over the years. Our site security teams are known as friendly, proactive and professional, able to engage with your customers in a friendly and engaging manner without compromising in any way their authority or primary role. Learn More

Residential Security

Our residential security teams vary in size and organization depending on your needs and the level of threat expected in any particular location and circumstances. Our management team performs a full assessment of each site personally, to ensure that we put the right assets in place, and avoid any unwanted surprises.
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Event Security

Close Circuit is one of the best known event security companies in London, chiefly because we specialise in maintaining a pleasant, safe atmosphere at all times. When our clients need to hire security for an event, they know that we provide highly trained, professional personnel who have a great deal of experience working with people on this level at events of all kinds.
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Concierge Security

Close Circuit Security provides more than just security services. We can offer welcoming, well-spoken and eminently professional personnel who are fully capable of managing a reception area or performing other high clients- or public-facing tasks. We regularly provide staff to a variety of large corporations, embassies, and similar organizations.
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Construction Site Security

Thieves and vandals can cause immense delay to construction projects, and especially in London delays of even a few days or weeks can run to many millions of pounds lost. We offer complete, well-planned and carefully staffed site security solutions that will make sure your site is not only protected against intruders, but the safety of the public is maintained as well.
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Retail Security

Retail security is more important now than ever, but doing the job properly and professionally requires carefully vetted and highly trained operatives with years of experience, not just providing security but also a world-class customer experience. We provide some of London’s most friendly and intelligent retail security operatives in order to ensure that experience for your customers.
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