Bars & Nightclub SIA Security

Close Circuit has an unblemished reputation with every night venue we have provided with nightclub security guards and other operatives over the years. Our site security teams are known as friendly, proactive and professional, able to engage with your customers in a friendly and engaging manner without compromising in any way their authority or primary role.

Our operatives have the training and experience they need to maintain security in a variety of different venues, including:

•    Nightclubs
•    Dancehalls
•    Pubs and Restaurants
•    Bars
•    Theatres and Performance Venues
•    Private Clubs or Parties
•    Managed Evening Experiences

Our impressive performance records are the result of using only hand-picked, carefully screened and trained security operatives and impressing upon them how important it is to comport themselves in a way which compliments your venue, and enhances your guests’ experience in every way possible.