Construction Site Security

Thieves and vandals can cause immense delay to construction projects, and especially in London delays of even a few days or weeks can run to many millions of pounds lost. We offer complete, well-planned and carefully staffed site security solutions that will make sure your site is not only protected against intruders, but the safety of the public is maintained as well.

A typical construction site security package might include:

•    Site Access Solutions, including Gate House Security
•    Secured Visitor and Staff Solutions
•    Perimeter and Interior Guard Patrols
•    Delivery Security Measures
•    Vandalism and Theft Prevention Measures

As construction sites prove such a lure to criminals – the value of the tools, materials and equipment stored on-site can easily number in the millions – a dynamic and professional approach to site security is necessary. That is why we maintain our personnel’s training at the cutting edge, and ensure that each is aware of the unique hazards a construction site can present.

Close Circuit have been providing construction site security for many years and currently have clients all over London including Kensington, Southwark, Hampstead & Islington to name a few.