Retail Security

Retail security is more important now than ever, but doing the job properly and professionally requires carefully vetted and highly trained operatives with years of experience, not just providing security but also a world-class customer experience. We provide some of London’s most friendly and intelligent retail security operatives in order to ensure that experience for your customers.

A good retail security package will ensure:

•    A good, friendly customer experience
•    Elimination of potential dangers and threats
•    A safe and conflict-free environment
•    Improved loss prevention
•    Door and access control

Our highly trained retail security guards are quite familiar with a wide variety of retail environments, and the unique challenges each presents. Whether their place is at the front door or patrolling within certain areas, our operatives are always alert and aware of the customers and staff within.

We can also provide you with a specialised loss prevention officer capable of overseeing both the customers and staff within your site, and carrying out discrete searches where necessary to help you reduce loss or shrinkage.

We provide retail security guards throughout London including Hampstead, High Gate, Chealsea, Westminster and St Johns Wood,